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An African Safari is a unique and memorable experience. If an African Safari is on your bucket list, you can satisfy that requirement with a moderately priced safari. However, some safaris are better than others.

We offer top of the line African Safaris which are typically very expensive. Depending upon the location, a top of the line safari can cost anywhere from $2,000 per person per night to $3,000+ per person per night. So, what are the factors that make these safaris so expensive.

  • The quality of guiding is a major factor in determining the quality of a safari experience. The safaris we recommend all have top of the line guides.
  • They may be in restricted areas where the number of camps are limited, making for much better and more varied wild life viewing.
  • All the camps that offer high end safaris have luxurious amenities. They are either 4 or 5 star rated accommodations. Since the level of accommodation has no effect on the quality of the safari, you can feel comfortable if you choose the 4 star option.

Just because we specialize in high priced safaris, it doesn’t mean we are not frugal with your money.

For example:

  • We will never mark up the price of a camp beyond the quoted list price of that camp.
  • Whenever a discount is offered by booking several camps owned by the same company, we will take advantage of that offer, and pass the savings on to you.
  • If there are seasonal discounts available that do not affect the quality of the safari, we will always make you aware of them.

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